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Ceramic discs cartridge with brass rod, adjustable temperature regulator and longlife silencer. The cartridge well complies with the most strict international regulations and it can be used wherever resistance to high pressure is required.
The “slow closing” cartridge, available on request for some series, is equipped with a special “slow down” closing device which prevents water hammering.

Thermostatic cartridge
The thermostatic cartridge was designed to offer a technologically and easy to use advanced product. The prompt response in resetting the selected temperature even under strong pressure variations, characteristic that is guaranteed to last for a long time, is the result of an accurate planning and use of top quality raw materials and components. The cartridge is also equipped with a safety locking device which prevents the accidental turning of the handle to above 38°C and an automatic anti-scalding device. Maintenance is limited and can be carried out by the user himself.

Ceramic screwdowns
The use of ceramic discs with low friction coefficient and a special equipment that avoids their compression, indipendently from the total pressure exercised by the screwdown, ensure a perfect manoeuvrability in time. An accurate planning of the water flow and a silencing system enable this screwdown to ensure reduced noise, a full-bodied flow and high resistance to wear.

The aerators are equipped with an integrated system for reduction of the flow, which remains unchanged with pressure variations.

The water deviation systems used for built-in showers and bath tub sets work automatically from a 0.8 bar minimum pressure and are equipped with a manual locking device allowing them to work at lower pressures.

The wash basin, sink and bidet mixers are connected to the water supply network by stainless steel flexible hoses with inner high-pressure- resistant non-toxic rubber with QAS tested G ½”F connectors. Different connections are available on request.

Raw materials
All mixers are produced with top quality bar/rod exclusively european brass. All components in constant contact with water are realized in zinc free (DR) certified brass.